This is Why Network Marketing is NOT Owning Your Own Business (and How To Actually Own One)

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A lot of people in MLM have this belief that starting a Network Marketing business means they actually own their own business.

But that’s definitely B.S.

In fact, Network Marketing companies can go out of business, can get shut down by the FTC, can change their compensation plan, a major leader in the company, in your downline, in your upline, can leave the company and take a bunch of people with them…

And then you just have to start over for whatever reason in a new Network Marketing company yourself, and you have to start over from scratch.

How many of those things have already happened to you in your career? Let me know in the comments below 👇

The truth is is that your own business is whatever assets you create.

Now your Network Marketing company, the income that you’re getting from it, that is an asset to an extent, but you don’t really own that asset. It can be taken away from you at any time. It can be threatened. It can be gone tomorrow.

There can be new requirements for reaching your commission check that are added when compensation plan changes. You can have your company say that you’re violating their policies and get shut down. Anything can happen.

Building a business is building an ASSET.

So you want to build as many assets as you can that are apart from your Network Marketing company now, and then you can use those assets to help you grow your MLM business.

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Tim Erway has been a successful marketer since 2002. In 2004, Tim launched his first internet company offering financial educational products and consulting services. Today, Tim is CEO and co-Founder of He has authored or co-authored nearly a dozen courses on the subjects of internet marketing, copywriting, website monetization, and information publishing.


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You have to brand yourself

kev mc says:

Who likes the background. Music? I sometimes think of putting some in mine but I'm thinking it's a bit distracting

IncomeBeast says:

Yes have all happened to me…company out of business, comp plan change, leader left lol

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Amazing value! 🔥

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