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Elizabeth Erin says:

People really believe that a military recruiter gets paid for each person they get to join. My husband was on recruiting duty for 3 years. He worked 7am to 10pm Monday to Saturday for 3 years, he never saw a bigger paycheck, they’re pay is the same no matter what their job is, the only thing that changes it is when they rank up!

Ellen Elizabeth says:

I personally know someone that is very high up in Pure Romance that just started her own true crime podcast. Sooo idk hahah maybe she will figure it out one day.

LED2Light says:

The difference between direct sale and multilevel marketing is most time direct sale is you buy stock from the company and sell it at a higher cost. Multilevel marketing doesn’t normally require stock. People go to the website to purchase and you buy your own product for your own use and maybe samples or something like that. I was in Jessie Lee’s first company and it wasn’t Modere and it was direct sale. She’s pretty open about the amount of stock she carried. If you REALLY looked into the people you bash and REALLY knew how some of these things worked you’d know that. And I promise you you are doing nothing but sending her new team members with these videos.

Caroline Burton says:

I tried looking up the TikTok page but they must have deleted it? People were doing the stitch thing to their videos but none of those videos were up to watch.

Cinthia Yareli says:

Hey! I’m new to your channel and I really like your videos! I thought you might want to investigate this company called Primerica. They try to sell people life insurance but I believe they are a pyramid scheme. They check off everything that an MLM does.

Heather Lazo says:

Kerastase has had anti-aging haircare for like the last 10+ years. Imagine being as delusional as that girl 😂 "it's the only one"

Heather Lazo says:

Yasss CC in a trackhawk 💨

Raul Sanchez says:

“If we don’t recruit, we will die.”
Well yes, the company will, but you won’t.

Kristina B says:

anti aging hair care lmfao!!!!

Julia Gritzbach says:

Idk why the pink sweatshirt ladies voice bothers me so much 😩

Kay’s Journey says:

You’re amazing and I 💗 you! Let’s get these people obsessed with true crime content ASAP 🤣

Orphan BlackOps says:

You forgot the exposing_pyramidscheme link.

Gretelpop says:

People who love true crime and are in an MLM? coughKimberleigha

Orphan BlackOps says:

#antimlmer 1: Hey, Chelsea. This woman doesn’t watch dog videos.

Chelsea: Who? Who does not watch dog videos?

Meagan Garrison says:

Don’t lump all the Elizabeth middle names together 🤣😭

Analisa Soverns-Reed says:

Ironically there was a beachbody ad in this video! Oh YouTube, wrong audience!

Isabella Macal says:

The beach body ad is killing me

Amie Parham says:

My Christian church doesn't "recruit" members. We do invite people to come, and if they continue to come back, great, but we don't cease to exist because we don't get new members. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Also we aren't inviting people so we can earn a higher position in heaven or something. Sheesh.

Gretchen Keith says:

Wait….wait….we “practice” the military? I need to tell my husband ASAP! The navy done did him so wrong if he’s supposed to be “practicing” the military. Also, when you are “recruited” into the military, you get this cool thing called a paycheck twice a month, decent universal healthcare, monies for dependents (if you have them), and benefits for school. Military recruiters, to my knowledge and please correct me if I’m wrong, do not get paid extra for recruiting new military members. That’s part of the MOS or billet. Aye……🤦‍♀️

Consciously Kayla says:

We now have proof that huge lifted trucks being a sign of compensating for something is not limited to men

Emily says:

A beachbody ad popped up on my fb timeline just now and i said "Oh thanks for the reminder! New chealsea video!!" 😂

Tara DeRosa says:

Appreciate any and all content you post! Be sure and take care of yourself because the world needs you!!

Consciously Kayla says:

Actually I'm a Christian and I do have a problem with recruiting. It never felt right to me. The fact that he just generalized everyone in religion is gross.

Also no offense because I do respect our military, but it drives me nuts when they try to recruit me. I will straight up tell them I'll fail a physical because of injuries and they don't care. I've even been recruited at my job before. Any kind of recruiting is annoying AF.

Taylor Boylen says:

My Jeep Grand Cherokee just got delivered yesterday! My dream is to get a track hawk one day. They’re so slick.

Cami says:

I KNOW this man did not say the Church of Scientology and think it was a good example!!!!

Christina Cox says:

Omg totally never thought my comment would get highlighted! Love ya girl! And don’t beat yourself up about taking time for yourself. 💜

Taylor Morgan says:

You’ve been doing so good, you don’t need to explain yourself for not posting one day 🥰

Brandi Doyle says:

She left one of the sex toy companies first. That’s “direct sales”

Paige Scalabrelli says:

these DHgate things even come with fake receipts from the "store" it's crazy!

Alexandra Mihu says:

The guy talking about recruiting and how every business/organization is in the recruiting business is creeping me out. How did he escalate from "every business is a recruiting business" to how churches and religions are recruiting…wasn't he talking about businesses?? I am he goes from businesses to faith…which, completely different topics arguably ..And then he talks about the army like whattt? Give me the name of a business, a corporation or whatever! I would not waste one precious second of my time listening to this guy talking in circles and not making any sense. Shady, shady, shady!

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