TOP TOXIC MLM FAILS EXPOSED #8 | Beachbody Coach Rants, Forcing Family To Buy Products + MORE

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Happy Monday. TOP TOXIC MLM FAILS EXPOSED #8 | Beachbody Coach Rants, Forcing Family To Buy Products, Bite Model + more #antimlm. Remember I upload every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I hope to see you stick around.

Thank you for watching!

Deanna M
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*I make these videos to spread awareness.
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Deanna Mims says:

Happy Monday!! How is everyone doing?🤍

PS: I do want to point out & emphasis again that I do hate diet culture type companies that are out here selling things like wraps and weight loss pills. Those are disgusting companies that need to be taken down too in my opinion. I should have explained that in more detail in the video!

s0lastsummer7 says:


Mariah Benson says:

This Beachbody coach really confuses me. I knew about that "course" she has. I investigated it once and it's just so weird. The course she sells is very "anti-diet" and she "teaches that food isn't the enemy". Then why does she work for a company that literally gives out meal plans that have "allowed food" lists and their super trainers shame people for having a cheeseburger? Her course website even says that diet statistic!!!! She is a hypocrite but makes money off of it.

Plus no certifications at all…no CPTs, no behavior change courses, no health coach certifications, no psychology degrees, nothing.

merllamicorn says:

Regarding the first one – as an MsN that specialized in disordered eating: 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.

Tiffany Hursh says:

Loving the bloopers! 🤣

Tahlia Chapman says:

Eating healthy vs scamming people….yeah no comparison at all

Althea Ansah says:

The first MLM: "I really don't know that much of the Bible."

Me, a person of faith: Then why are you taking those scenarios out of their narrative and cultural context? 😡

Heather Clark says:

It’s pretty clear she doesn’t know the Bible. Yes they sacrificed a lamb and yes we don’t do that anymore, there’s a reason. Jesus died on the cross he sacrificed himself therefore an animal sacrifice is no longer needed.

But like you said what does any of that have to do with an mlm lol

Elizabeth Herlick says:

MLM huns need their friends and family to buy the products or else they'll only have their down lines buying and they won't rank. No really wants MLM products. The distributors are the main customers and the other customers are friends and family that feel obligated to buy to help out their friends and family members in the MLM. So sad…

Amy McKay says:

Anyone else totally lost with the first lady? I have no clue what she was going on about…

hannah melton says:

Doesnt know much about the bible
Proceeds to give bible speech

M G says:

That one gal is the star or Kiki Chanel's video…that gal is crazy…she stole someone else's cat!

Jubster B says:

Not MLM ads popping up during this video 😂 I love your videos I ALMOST joined beachbody under Angie Bellemare but thank goodness I was skeptical and came across your videos + others 🙏🏼

Aelle's Matisse says:

Did she just… Wait… My face said wt when started talking about buying and selling people…

Dani C says:

oh my god! the beachbody Cat Napper is making an appearance in this one! She is the worst of the worst. I think she appears in almost all anti mlm's creator videos. How is it these people think it's ok to tell people how they should be spending their money especially their stimulus checks? Are you kidding me. Where are they getting this sense of entitlement, were they raised in a zoo or somehting

Stardust, Lipstick & Horror says:

Honey, diets and MLMs are not the same thing. Not now. Not EVER.

Noelle Coleman says:

I’m so tired of these Huns saying the stimulus checks are “free money.” They’re not. We pay taxes. That’s where the stimulus checks come from. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Noelle Coleman says:

I was told “the only people who failed are the ones who quit” all the time when I was in Mary Kay. It was definitely one of the reasons I stayed in for almost 10 years. So glad I finally quit 1.5 years ago.

Rae Blair says:

Using religion to sell anything is abhorrent. It's tacky. I don't I know what else to say.

-manuela- says:

Only 3% of diets are sucessful? Its not like its a gamble, maybe I will be in those 3% or maybe not… the statistics are bad because they count those stupid unsustainable crash diets that are unhealthy in the first place.
If you do it right, those 3% mean nothing, because you WILL succed.

Chelsea Hutchinson says:

That beachbody coach always amazes me. How can you be anti diet but also promote Beachbody? …A company that sells dieting programs.

I am anti mlm AND anti diet because my relationship with food was wrecked by Beachbody’s nutrition programs. So her argument is invalid. 🥴

Liz says:

Can you do a deep dive on PHP agency? It’s a pyramid scheme that is gaining a lot of popularity in my area but I don’t see many videos on it!

Maryssa Emerson says:

Pretty sure dieting has a larger success rate than she gave it. I was in a calorie surplus for four months and have gained about 6 pounds of muscle. I have no problem admitting it’s an aesthetic goal 😂 but I love pushing myself and challenging myself. It’s given me a lot more than just a better body to see in the mirror. Pretty sure a lot of people diet for more than just the reasons she assumes. Her rant made me mad lol.

Claire K says:

Is that woman really suggesting that anti-MLMers have eating disorders…like what?

BB says:

I agree with the first woman on one thing….she doesn't know much about the Bible! Lol

Nichola Walker says:

She did not just compare anti-mlm to homophobia, when I wanted to lose weight I went to a registered dietitian because I had no idea what I was doing and got involved in a real workout programme. Should have gone to a BB hun instead I guess

Ashley G says:

In the first one when she makes a comparison to things in the Bible but then admits she doesn’t know anything about the Bible 😂 ok sis, sit down hahaha

Sheila M. says:

Oh God, noooo! Please don't spend stimulus checks on MLMs! The stimulus check is not free money! It's taxpayer money! If you received the $1,200 check you cannot be suprised to receive the $600 check! This money it's for helping people to pay food, debt and even if you still have a job, save the money, we're still in the middle of the pandemic! These huns are delusional! 🤡🤡🤡

Cat V says:

At first I thought she was going to say that all these people are on diets but against beachbody which would've made way more sense than the mess she said. And the audacity to basically admit you know most people won't make money…yikes..

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