Unboxing Reveal Jewelry/Ring Bomb Direct Sales Company Starter Kit

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Amy Ellingsworth says:

How does this compare to Ring Bomb Party?

Lori Hastings says:

The ring is pretty. I don't like that you have to send them and wait like that! Good job to you

Brenda Leverette says:

Hey I was wondering if an individual is active in direct sales can you be active in other direct sales as well? Or can you only do one at a time, and does it actually just depend on what consultant or direct sales you’re involved in?

Brenda Leverette says:

Lol. Don’t drink the water!!

sassynin1 says:

Charmed aroma?

Peggy misencik says:

my facebook business page is catseyeswag i hope you can drop by and like my page as well ,and check it out, ill be live tonight having fun with my daughter .

Peggy misencik says:

thank you for this, I decide between the two I went with second city swag, they have a personal touch that reveal doesn't, they work with you and you get answers and help within minutes 24/ 7, thank you for this, it isnt impressive to me either, too high price, our line is fun and great quality without the hassle of the sending back etc, i can work my business my way, I dont prefer shucking either so i do the swag bags and fizzers and my customers are always excited and thrilled with each piece, we too have candles and etc, in back office on site with surprises inside as well , and getting bigger inventory all the time, again thanks for the video,

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