What MLMs DON'T want you to know!! My MLM Experience | Why Im ANTI MLM: ARBONNE

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Hello Everyone! Welcome!
I wanted to come on and share my MLM experience with Arbonne. I do not support MLMs and would consider myself ANTI-MLM at this point. I go over my previous cringe behavior and some things that you may not know about multi level marketing comapanies!

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Ginger s says:

Your video reminds me of of 2 of the most profound things my dad told me when I was a little girl that have stuck in my mind to this day…
1. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is..
2. If you have to pay someone to work for them…it isn't legit

Thank you for the humble video💙

New sub

ettoilemagik says:

Welcome in the anti-MLM community 🙆💃

Bailey Parker says:

I love your perspective , thank you for sharing!

Kara Welch says:

Thank you for spreading the good word! Your shirt looks so amazing on you! Can I ask where you got it?!

Jennifer Ekwonye says:

Thank you for sharing your story! I’ve been in 2 MLMs myself (Mary Kay and Zurvita) and I just wanna forget I was ever there and did what I did LOL

Emily Ward says:

To me if mlm’s were so good the reps wouldn’t have to convince us SO hard on the “great” reasons to sign up and how great the products are.. if it was so great it would all speak for itself

Kara Lively says:

thank you for sharing your experience and being humble enough to step back, realize and correct. new sub here 💗💗💗

OOfania says:

Interesting point of view, good to hear your experience

C M says:

Thank you for sharing your story!

Brithney Newberry says:

I started to imply they are trying to bait me into something dangerous because they never give you a name

Trick gum Nerney says:

Taking accountability is awesome

D. Andrews says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who cringes at their stint in an MLM! I was in one back in 2017 or 2018 called Team National (it’s not a social media-based one like Arbonne, Younique, or ShitWorks 🤪) we were not allowed to really post about it or FB message or text people. We had to CALL them!!! And practically be very vague on why we wanted to meet up to show them the “exciting opportunity” we had. First off I’m pretty shy and introverted so I have never been a huge phone person. I’m just not the type to call up someone, so the fact that I did that to some of my friends and old coworkers makes me cringe SO hard! I even had an old coworker kinda make an excuse to get off the phone with me, and she said she’d call me back, and she never did!! LoL probably because I sounded sketchy as heck and not like myself!!! I only lasted in it like 3-4 months. My mother was involved as well and she actually “won a free cruise” because she’d signed up so many ppl in a certain amount of time. It was scheduled for like 6 months out and we’d both kinda nope’d out of the MLM by then and didn’t end up going. Like you said, it’s not free and you’d probably just be forced to “work the biz” or have different types of trainings the whole time anyway…

Samantha Marie says:

Personally, how I feel about MLMs is if the product was THAT good it would be sold in stores.

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