Whole You Wednesdays – 3 Steps to Become a Better Network Marketer

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So you signed up to be a Network Marketer and you really want to make this lifestyle work for you, and be a success at it? Awesome!

I’m going to share with you, 3 steps that you can take action on today so that you can start becoming an even better Network Marketer. Are you ready for this? Good!

#1 – Share!

You gotta share your product and you have to share your story. Go out and the tell the world about what you’re doing. Don’t share with them the need to sell, just share the product, why you feel so passionate about it, share your ability to help and then you won’t be selling.

So many people start off in this business all excited and fired up, but then they stall. The main reason is because they are too scared to share their business with other people. The secret to success here is to overcome those fears of being rejected, getting a no or feeling silly and just go out there sharing your product.

If you want to achieve that Success you need to start sharing in a big way.

#2 – Develop your Personal Brand

I am sure you want to stand out from the rest right? Well the best way to do that is by building your own personal brand. Your personal brand is pretty much defined as the “thoughts that come to other peoples minds, when they think of you and your business”.

So how do you want to be thought of? A person of integrity, who is trustworthy, helps out so many people, offers quality, is living the dream, is a leader is a visionary, offers real lasting solutions?

Don’t copy the competition, stand out from the pack by creating your own personal brand and start developing that brand right now – it takes time to develop but you’ll be thankful that you did.

#3 – Consistency

Too many people give up too soon in this industry and one of the reasons is that they are just not consistent with their approach. I know many people start off part-time, but part-time doesn’t mean you treat the business like a hobby.

That may seem a little harsh but it is true. You need to dedicate a good amount of hours each week to your business in order to be successful at it, otherwise your results will match your efforts.

Get into the habit of being consistent with your time and effort. Block out times each day and each week where you will concentrate on your business. Be consistent with talking to new people, be consistent with sharing your story, be consistent with your training, efforts and approach and your business will slowly start to flourish.

Any business takes time to develop and this business is no different.

You can do it, so give it your best shot.

So those are my 3 steps to success in Network Marketing. They are simple and easy to implement, all you need to do it pitch up, say yes and do it. if I can I know you can!


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