Why Direct Sales Should Be Part of Your Book Launch

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Learn more about incorporating direct sales here: http://bit.ly/2naJoLF

More and more independent authors are turning to direct sales when launching their books and it’s easy to see why. We’ll look at the advantages of selling your book through eCommerce, and how you can start reaching your audience today!

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NK's Fur Babies! Etc! says:

Thanks:) I lovw your info and videos. What % does Lulu take in print-on-demand? Do you offer various packages? Thanks!

Steve Gans says:

Preparing the manuscript of my first novel for self-publication now, and this is all very helpful. Thank you Lulu! I am leaning in your direction!

Maaifoedie De La Rey says:

I'm in China, just about to finish my text book on China Tax (no existing text book in English exists anywhere – I know this since I teach it at a local University business school. My main market would be prospective students of China Tax in English ( here in China, as well as for international ACCA exam), any expat working in China and any non Chinese business owner.
Question : For print book, what and where is my best "direct print on demand option", given the location (i.e. most shipping will of course be done to China) ?

Self-Publishing with Dale says:

Why aren’t there more thumbs up for me to hit? Yes! Yes on everything here. Independence is where it’s at. 👍

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