Why People FAIL in Network Marketing – The 3 BIGGEST Reasons People Fail in MLM (Actually Urgent)

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In this video I share with you the 3 Biggest Mistakes that are keeping you stuck and struggling in your Network Marketing business and that will lead you to fail in MLM.

Most people come into starting a MLM business and they haven’t had a business before. This is certainly ok, but for most people, that means they also lack many of the skills to build a successful Network Marketing business.

Why people fail in Network Marketing is often because they are looking for overnight success.

In my opinion, the 3 Biggest Reasons why people fail in MLM are:

⛔ Reason #1 Why People FAIL in Network Marketing: CHASING INSTEAD OF ATTRACTING

⛔ Reason #2 Why People FAIL in Network Marketing: NOT BUILDING YOUR OWN BRAND

⛔ Reason #3 Why People FAIL in Network Marketing: NO DUPLICATION

In addition to those, other reasons why people fail in MLM are:

🚫 They have no mentor to help guide them.
🚫 They don’t do income producing activities.
🚫 They don’t have a clear vision and plan for how to get to their goals.
🚫 They try to learn everything before taking any action.
🚫 They procrastinate and get distracted by other things.

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To watch again this video, click here: https://youtu.be/lk84WwqDabw

⏰ Timestamps in This Video ⏰
0:00 Intro
1:07 Chasing VS Attracting
2:55 Not Building Your Own Brand
4:34 No Duplication


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