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Mark Ramos says:

When the upline says the classic, “I’m doing this to help you and because I care,” trust that they don’t actually care and will drop you in a heartbeat as soon as you stop listening to them.

MissLo XO says:

You make a really pretty brunette

D. Andrews says:

Savannah Marie directed me to you! She said you’ve done some QSciences content? Or are working on doing it? It’s blowing up in my area and it is SUPER cringey! I’ve not found many antiMLM vids about it yet.

klara pelletier says:

My favourite video to date! ❤️😍 I really really enjoy all your content. I can see how real and genuine you are as a person. I love how much integrity you have, it’s inspiring to see such a strong women speak their mind and spread awareness. I always learn something while watching your videos. And That’s amazing 🤣

Agent K says:

I’ve been binging your videos today and oh my gosh the way EVERY person says “The business” “this business” over and over and over again is so culty

Nissa H says:

You look gorgeous! That wig is amazing!!

Rebecca Mosbarger Moreno says:

The "I do this to help people" savior BS is so infuriating. If someone or a company is really helping people, come on, be specific. And if you're making money off your "help," is it help anymore? It's a service or a product, not help. If that's the case, give actual data on the impact, not unverifiable anecdotes or one-offs. But marketing for MLMs is largely reliant on people looking at the experience of someone they trust and not overall trends, which is kind of wild. They've built themselves into a system that is just going to inherently reject measures of accountability or criticism because it is so personal, and will just be taken as personal attacks against people you trust.

mediocre art channel says:

Who is actually following these ppl? Like if someone I know posted about "business opportunities" I'd block them

Jazmin Laracuente says:

Love your content and page! I'm new to your page and just subscribed. You are so amazing!

Boring Wild says:

Yes, QUEEN this video is excellent. MLMs cloak everything behind “helping” “serving” and “empowering” others and “blessing” peeps with the biz. 🙄

Lucy Fur says:

What movie is that clip from?

Crystal Dot says:

MLMs provide absolutely zero security. Your paycheck might be ok one month then hardly anything the next.

Joel Hathaway says:

Keep doing you. We need this commentary

M C says:

Oh good god the “stop letting money dictate your life” one made me go 🥴🤢 bc most everything we need has to be purchased with money?? When your quality of life depends on how much money you have, it’s probably going to have a lot of influence in your life.
And the “you will have NO joy!!!” thing?? A lot of people already have no joy, but it’s not so much from just focusing on the money as it is from worrying about what will happen to you if you don’t have money. I doubt that joining an MLM instead of paying rent will give anyone enough joy to outweigh the stress of facing eviction, but ok.

Shana NC says:

“Wildly capable of succeeding”

Shana NC says:

There’s one type of person that does well in an MLM…. Those who could sell “Oceanfront property in Arizona”….. only those who can act, lie, cheat and con others into joining something you know damn well they probably won’t succeed in, then do it over and over and over again!

A little Lee says:

“I don’t want this to be a business pitch”.. as I continue to pitch you this business…

Bianca Avillan says:

I find it super interesting that of course she didn’t have the money but now she’s looking for her Louis Vuitton purse and makes sure to show it to the camera. Hmm.. super subtle boo.

Sydney Mcclure says:

“Don’t let money consume your life, but join this company so you can make money!”

Sarah Corradino says:

Why are they always in their cars, or driving or getting ready to drive in their videos?

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